Gems Series #Garnet (Chocolate Brown)


The names list of new colors:
1. Amber (Coco Brown)
2. Critine (Golden Brown)
3. Emerald (Green Brown)
4. Garnet (Chocolate Brown)
5. Jasper (Orange Brown)
6. Obsidian (Black Brown)
7. Onyx (Dark Brown)
8. Pyrite (Brown)

All of these the price only is 1,250 Thai baht per each, there are worthy and safe for whoever that be the tattoo artists. This is because we have never stop to develop the nicest products and you can confidence in our products quality.

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Bangkok Beauty Academy is ready to announce to our client with the new products, which is “Premium Pigment For Eyebrows” that will able to respond the needs of every Eyebrows tattoo artists.

Under the concept called “Gems Series”, which have 8 shades of colors. Especially, there can use these colors with Microblading and Shading style and no need to separate the colors. Moreover, the colors are intensive strong pigment come with luxury bottle.