Professional Make-up Course

This course is perfect for those who want to study make-up techniques for career development. The course is carried out in a one-on-one basis in both theory and practice. The course covers basic and professional make-up techniques. Only 6 students are accepted per class.

Course details

Day 1:   Advice and preparation of skin, correction of facial structure by contoruing, correction of eyes, eyebrows and lips, how to select foundation and concealer shade for each skin color

  • ​Getting to know a makeup artist and preparing equipment
    • Getting to know cosmetics and makeup tools
    • Theory of skin undertone ) and skin tone adjustment
    • Theory of foundation and concealer
    • Analysis of facial shape and different types of facial structure
    • Highlight and shading techniques
    • Powder setting
    • Eye makeup techniques and eye correction
    • Selection and application of false eyelashes
    • Mouth shape and lip makeup technique for each mouth shapeา
    • Blush techniques
    • Makeup design from face chart
  • Workshop: (Perfect Face) Skin preparation, structure of face, eyes and eyebrows, correction of face shape by contouring technique, correction of shape of eyebrows, face, cheeks, eyes and mouth. Students

Day 2: Bridal makeup

  • Selection of makeup tone to match the wedding dress
    • Day makeup techniques
    • Night makeup techniques

    • Workshop : Day/night bridal makeup นักเรียนนำแบบส่งและเก็บภาพผลงาน

Day 3:  

Makeup for photo and HD video shooting

• Makeup for indoor and outdoor photo shooting
• Makeup for indoor and outdoor HD video shooting• Learning about lighting that affects makeup such as window lighting, night light, outdoor lighting, and artificial light
• Workshop: Makeup in the style assigned. Students submit their work and have a shoot in the studio.

Fashion makeup for magazines and fashion shows

• Runway makeup looks as assigned

• Students submit their work and collect their work for portfolio

• Students receive certificates and take photos with instructors.


  1. รองพื้น สีเข้ม และ อ่อน
    2. Concealer
    3. Shading
    4. Highlight
    5. แป้งฝุ่นโปร่งแสง
    6. พาเลท อายชาโดว์ , บรัชออน , ลิป
    7. Eye Liner
    8. Mascara
    9. ดินสอเขียนคิ้ว
    10. เซ็ทแปรงอย่างดี
    11. พัฟสำหรับแป้ง
    12. ฟองน้ำรองพื้น
    13. แหนบ
    14. กรรไกรเล็ก
    15. ที่ดัดขนตา
    16. กระเป๋า
  2. คู่มือการเรียน
  3. Certificate from Bangkok Beauty Academy

Course duration

  1. Course duration: 3 days
  2. Time: 10.00 am. - 5.00 pm.

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