Professional Nail Art

Professional Gel Nail Art Course is a profession that any interested person can do.

It only require a small amount of investment. It is a great source of income, it is a perfect course to learn with this ongoing Pandemic.  And a great opportunity to open a Nail Salon

 How to open a Nail Salon business?

The nail beauty treatment or nail decoration is one of many key factors that can enhance a person’s beauty. Both men and women require special attention and care to improve and maintain healthy nails. That is why it is believed that the Nail salon business can be considered to have a wide and diverse range of customers.
✅ A Nail Salon is a business that anyone can do; it just requires an interest and a passion to provide quality services to your customers.
✅ It does not require a large amount of investment, but it provides a stable income.
✅  It does not take a long time to study, practice and understand. You can run the business as soon as you finish the course.
✅ This profession can become a great career. You can choose to either open your own shop, or provide special home services. Both options are in high demand and results to high compensation.

Who is this course suitable for?

✅ Suitable for everyone that wants to have a stable income
✅ both male and female can learn.
✅ People who have full-time jobs, but want to find other supplementary career
✅ People who want to start their own business, but only have a limited amount of financial resources.
✅ People who don’t have any no background in art or in any business in the beauty field can also learn
✅People who want to have a fun filled career using their skills, and also those who love to provide services to customers.

 What will you learn from this course?

💅🏻 Manicure, hand spa, nail cutting, you will learn how to make a spa using organic products from America
💅🏻 learn to Understand Nail Anatomy
💅🏻 learn how to prepare your nails properly
💅🏻 learn the new nail extension technology using Acrygel. This product does not have any bad smell and does not damage the nail surface
💅🏻 learn natural Acrygel extension
💅🏻 learn how to create Acrygel nail extension with white tip
💅🏻 learn how to create Acrygel nail extension tips
💅🏻 learn how to create Acrygel nail extension with embedded design, play, designs
💅🏻 learn how to remove gel nails
💅🏻 learn how to fill the gel nail base
💅🏻 learn how to perform nail care maintenance
💅🏻 learn how to do paint Gel Painting designs, such as flowers, stripes
💅🏻 learn how to install nail decorations with jewelry
💅🏻 learn a variety of 3D gel molding techniques
💅🏻 learn how to paint gel nails
💅🏻 learn the application of French Gel tip
💅🏻 learn how to apply color gradation gel
💅🏻 learn the Foundation Design Tutorial (5 designs)
💅🏻 learn the Professional Gel Design (5 patterns).
💅🏻 learn the Advance Gel Design Tutorial (10 patterns)
💅🏻 learn how to make a PVC extension.
✍🏻 provide the information the best place to buy the equipments for the business
✍🏻 learn how to set prices and create promotions.


What will you gain if you enroll in this course?

✅ You’ll received tips and strategies on how to start and continue your business operations
✅ You’ll received a certificate of completion from Bangkok Beauty Academy, which is well renowned in Thailand and around the world.
✅ you’ll be taught by professional instructors, experienced in  both teaching and providing customer services. These factors are very important because the instructor will be able to share his experiences with understanding the outcome of every situation while facing the client.
✅ you’ll be taught by an instructor who has received numerous awards in Nail Art competitions. 
✅ you’ll receive a 5-10% lifetime discount while purchasing products from the academy.

What equipments are included in the package?

You’ll receive the basic equipments while studying. These can be brought back home for practice purposes.

Courses are Taught by Master Anny (Master Vaniya’s team)

T he runner-up in the Int’l Grand Championship, Thailand International Nail Competition 2017 and also received the runner-up award in the Gel Manicure. She also has 15 years of extensive experience in Nail Art .


  • Course duration: 5 days
  • Time: 10.00 am. – 5.00 pm.


  • Credit Card Add 3%
  • PayPal Add 5%