Deluxe Lifting Face Treatment

What is the purpose deluxe lifting treatment ?


  The aim of this treatment is to adjust the skin’s condition and improve it through a combination of performing relaxing skin massage and the use of special products.

✅  Deluxe lifting treatment is the new course by Bangkok Beauty Academy which involves the stimulation of the skin in order for it to produce new skin cells naturally. This procedure aims to make the skin firm and tightened which in turn helps reduce the effects of aging and lessens wrinkles. The procedure also helps correct uneven skin tone and smoothen out rough skin.

What are the benefits of this procedure ?


✅  Through the relaxing massage techniques the procedure promotes natural skin regeneration which results to smooth skin. The procedure also promotes natural skin lifting which helps eliminates wrinkles effectively and restores the skins natural radiance.

What to avoid during treatment and is it not recommended ?


  Avoid the areas near the eyes.

  The treatment is not to be performed for clients with red, cracked, irritated skin. It is also avoided for clients with herpes, skin allergies and skin infections.

  The treatment is also not done for clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  The treatment is not advised for clients who have a history of allergic reactions to chemicals, and cosmetic skin products.

  The treatment is not advised for clients who have recently undergone laser procedures, microdermabrasion on the skin. These clients can return after 3 weeks.

  If irritation occurs during the procedure, stop immediately.

  The number of uses and instructions must strictly be followed.

What equipment will you receive ?


✅  Essential toner

  🌱 100 % Alcohol free

  🌱 Prepares the face for the procedure

  🌱 Helps restore moisture and hydration to the skin cells. The Immediate effects    are visible.

  🌱 Helps adjust the skin color.

  Essential milk

  🌱 A cream milk cleanser which does not dry the skin.

  🌱 Milk based

  🌱 Helps clear dirt from cosmetic use

  🌱 Restores the skin natural brightness

  🌱 Retains the skin’s natural moisture.

  Essential Micellar water

  🌱 a liquid cleanser that is used to clean areas near the eyes and mouth

  🌱 It is light and fresh perfect for sensitive areas.

  🌱 Removes make up residue and clears the pores.

  🌱 It is a toner that works like a make-up remover.  

  Essential scrub

  🌱 Used to exfoliate the skin

  🌱 Contains silica particles and jojoba spheres

  Recover touch massage cream

  🌱 Has a rich creamy texture

  🌱 Contains antioxidants Goji Berry seed oil ( certified organic), hydrolyzed      tomatoes extract and Vitamin E

  🌱 Nourishing content: oil from macadamia nuts, Babassu oil and Jojoba oil

  🌱 Hydrating content: Hyaluronic acid

  Recover touch oil

  🌱  Vitamin oil

  🌱  Contains antioxidants Goji Berry seed oil ( certified organic) 

  🌱  Nourishing content: oil from macadamia nuts, sesame oil and rice bran oil.

  Hydramemory biphasic mask

  🌱 Facial mask that helps stimulate and restore the balance of the skin

  🌱 Contains acidic quantities

  🌱 Has biomimetic ingredients that stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid

  Hydramemory cream gel

  🌱 A gel containing high concentrations of hyaluronic acids and moringa oil

  🌱 Easily absorb by the skin to restore optimal skin moisture in just 3 minutes.

  🌱 Skin moisturizer suitable for both men and women regardless if they are     situated in areas that have cold or hot climates.

  🌱 Suitable for normal and sensitive skin.

The Course content 


☘️ Holistic Skin Care

☘️ Lessons in analysis and customer care

☘️ Skin preparation

☘️ Lessons on how to perform the procedure

☘️ Techniques to perform deluxe lifting massage

☘️ Lessons on how to do relaxing head massage

☘️ Lessons on how to perform hand massage

☘️ After care treatment

Course Duration

Course Duration  : 3 days

Class time   : 10 am – 5 pm