How Master Vaniya Is Helping Her Students Master The Art Of Microblading | An Interview

The trends in the beauty industry never fail to astonish us. While we are busy humiliating our features, there are experts in the industry who are keen on making us feel good about ourselves. We are all aware of how important it is to keep your eyebrows groomed for having that perfect flawless look but not every time we are able to find time in our busy schedules for those eyebrow grooming sessions.

However, with new and updated ways of keeping our eyebrows on fleek, we are not required to have those grooming sessions frequently. Microblading techniques are introduced to rescue us from all those hassles of having a perfect brow by giving us realistic hair strokes.

Microblading experts such as Master Vaniya are angels sent on earth for people who like to have perfect eyebrows. Master Vaniya, the founder and CEO of Bangkok Beauty Academy has been in the industry for more than 30 years and with her 15 years of microblading experience, she has been serving people to have perfect brows.

Being such a seasoned professional, she has a really exciting career journey, and today with this interview, we are going to walk you through that. L

1: What inspired you to learn about Microblading and how do you think this helps people achieve perfect eyebrows?

I’ve been in this beauty business for over 25 years and always keep this one concept of beauty as this; „Must be naturally beautiful.”, it is also the inspiration that led me to seek techniques to enhance beauty and natural outcome. I chose to learn the technique of Microblading eyebrows, because it is my passion. This Semipermanent Makeup is the way of the natural designs of eyebrows that will look natural like real eyebrows. For that to happen we have to choose wisely, there are Microblade needles with many sizes, but in addition to the natural pattern, the Needle diameter selections are important too, must be similar size to the size of the individual original eyebrows. 

2: What is your experience running the Bangkok Beauty Academy business in Thailand? What were your main obstacles/problems when you started this business and how did you overcome them?

Bangkok Beauty Academy was established for more than 25 years, starting from a small family business, growing and becoming the famous Top Beauty Institute in Thailand. We have many international students from around the world and our professional team is also ready to give courses to many students with variety of great quality courses. But the obstacles for beauty institutions are the Beauty trends that are constantly changing, so we have to be modern, keep up with most beauty trends in each era. It’s important to always learn more and constantly develop techniques, so that all students or even customers will receive the latest and the best from Bangkok Beauty Academy.

3: There have been many major changes in the beauty industry. How has this aspect evolved/changed/developed over the last three decades (in your opinion)?

Beauty trends are like fashion trends. It’s the circular change, some trends from the past decade would come back popular again. To be professional we have to accept changes from those trends, try understand, modify techniques and invent methods for both new and previous trends following each era.

For example, three decades ago, the trend of Permanent Makeup is the Permanent works, but after a while it has changed to imitate eyebrows with Microblading, which is very popular. After that, ombré eyebrows return as the popular trend again. And for this decade, Hair Stroke technique has made a comeback, so now from Microblading to Micropigmentation, we as Expert Artists have to understand and cope with either the new or previous trends that occurs.  

4: What special techniques do you have that other trainers can’t?

I am an expert on Microblading techniques. Other than the ability, skills and experiences that I have, every time I use the microblading blade, I put my soul, my heart and art into every Strokes, so my Microblading pattern is soulful, natural and suitable for everyone. Don‘t forget, „Beauty is Nature.“, because this beauty is not drawing fixed line on client’s eyebrows without taking into account of the shape of their eyebrows and for each individual students, who studied from us will have different unique results, but by applying the knowledge I have conveyed them, still the design will be their own identity. This is the hardest part about being Master and being the great artist.

5: Your career path is very impressive. What are some of your most important achievements you’ve received?

Throughout my 25 years in this beauty profession, I love to create beautiful customers and proud to pass on knowledge to students, until they have achieved many successes. Many of my students are very famous and popular in Permanent Makeup Career. I await happily to see my students’ success with joy. All of these are achievements that have happened to my life.