Stretchmarks, Scars and Vitiligo Camouflage

Stretchmake, Scars and Vitiligo Camouflage Course

This course is the design, improvement and development of knowledge that Master Vaniya has learned from various different places to create the course suitable for our students.

Camouflages of stretch marks, scars or vertiligo is an advanced technique in the level of semi-medical or Paramedical Micropigmentation and must be properly trained.

Master Vaniya recommends this course to all SPMU Artists to enhance their services, more knowledge and greatly increase our income.


1. Paramedical Micropigmentation Theory
2. Correct camouflage technique of Stretchmark, Scars and Vitiligo
3. Types of Stretchmark, Scars, Vitiligo
4. Which types of Stretchmark, Scars, Vitiligo will able to be camouflaged and those that we won’t able to.
5. Color theory, more knowledge on Natural Pigments, which pigments are especially suitable and safe for camouflage works.
6. Choosing the right and correct color for the camouflage areas.
7. Understanding the machines and needles suitable for various camouflage works.
8. Learn how to camouflage Inkless type
9. Steps to camouflage various works.
10. Contraindications and precautions
11. After Care of various camouflage areas.
12. Pricing on various different camouflage areas
13. And many more other interesting topics


* Diploma from IFBC Korea 🇰🇷 (International Federation of Beauty Culturist)
* Certificate from Bangkok Beauty Academy.
* Equipment, products and Natural Pigments (Specials Pigment for Camouflaged) the value average 20,000 baht
* Students will have Special price when buying products at the Academy they will get a 5% discount. And when purchasing products amounting up to 50,000 baht, you will get a 10% discount.
* Students gain a lifetime access to the guidance of master Vaniya’s. The students can ask for recommendation and advice with regards to any work that they will be doing in the future.

* Course duration : 2 days
* Time : 10.00 am. – 5.00 pm.
* Students can follow the monthly schedules arranged for the course. But can also request a special class by sending a Private message so the Master Vaniya can prepare ahead of time.

📌Best offer, if you enroll at the same time with the 3D Realistic And Correction Areola courses, the price of two courses together is 88,000 baht❌

Reduced to 69,000 baht ✅

This offer with the class duration of 3 days class.