About Master Vaniya

Master Vaniya Ratanapetchoor

founder of the institute


  • “Women and beauty are always paired together” just like Master Vaniya who is passionate about art of beauty.  Having a management mindset and vision, she has established Lady Nail Art Academy in 1991, a school that mainly taught nail care courses. In 2012, Lady Nail Art Academy was then turned into Bangkok Beauty Academy with an aim to offer a complete beauty service including nail care, makeup, and microblading and also to teach those interested in this industry. More courses were added such as lash extension, makeup, permanent makeup, and hair removal etc.
  • Master Vaniya has been an expert in the beauty industry for more than 25 years. She has experiences in offering beauty services and teaching students in which many of those have become successful.


Eyebrow master

  • Having been a 6D eyebrow master since 2007, Master Vaniya was one of the first few Thai students who has been taught by Master David Zhang, a founder of the famous David Brow Art institute. This Singaporean expert has been in the microblading business in Asia for a long time and he is the founder of the patented 6D microblading. The world-renowned 6D microblading service has been offered and taught by Master Vaniya until today.
  • Our permanent makeup work is the most outstanding and is known among the microblading experts in Thailand. Master Vaniya has more than 10 years of experience in permanent makeup and physiognomy enhancement by adjusting the weak point, improving the eyebrows to balance with all 5 facial parts i.e. ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows. The microblading work of Master Vaniya is very unique. Customers can choose between cosmetic eyebrows or physiognomical eyebrows to create positive energy, depending on an individual’s belief.
  • She is an eyebrow instructor and designer with a unique identity. The eyebrows she creates are clear, lively, soft, and beautiful. The identity and techniques make her famous both in Thailand and overseas.
  • With her knowledge, remarkable work and qualifications, Master Vaniya has often been invited by community agencies, private and public agencies to speak about beauty and especially her permanent and semi-permanent makeup work.
  • Master Vaniya was invited to be an honorary judge in many contests such as nail contest, eyebrows contest in Thailand and Asia.
  • Recently, Master Vaniya was selected to be an international judge for INCA Association in many international competitions in Southeast Asia where its members; Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore; aimed to seek an artist with an outstanding work and to be a part of the help to develop cosmetic industry.
  • Master Vaniya has been a moral business owner throughout the past 25 years. She also received an honorary doctorate degree in Morality Business Administration from International University of Morality, Florida, United States of America.