Advance PMU Master Class by Master Vaniya

Date : 22-26 October 2019
Place : Bangkok Beauty Academy

Update new Techniques

Hazy Brows
Aqua Lips
EyeShadow Shading

✅ Intensive training Hand on Hand
✅ Master Vaniya will show the steps details of all 3 topics
✅ Students get to practice on 3 topics under Master care.
✅ How to take picture of the works and present the works professionally.

🚩Full set kit with Ombre Machine
🚩Allow to take video in every steps in the class for practicing.
🚩Course fee : 49,000 Baht
🚩Certificate from Bangkok Beauty Academy
🚩Exclusive with Ombre PMU Machine
🚩Get Li Pigments for Lips and Eyebrows 5 Bottles
🚩Get Beautio Pigment for Eyebrows and Eyeshadow 5 Bottles


🔥🔥🔥 Former students from Bangkok Beauty Academy get 10% discount immediately for the course fee. 

 10 seats only 

Note : This Class is suitable for people who have basic before and want to update the techniques only


More Information 
 Line ID : @bangkokbeauty 
Phone: 082-8599992, 085-5693564
WhatsApp : 6690-9907666
Facebook Page : Bangkok Beauty Academy