Our Story

Bangkok Beauty Academy is the Beauty Institute, born out of the love of a small family and a relationship between each family member. A mother has passed on the experience and knowledge of her career in the beauty industry of more than 15 years to her daughter and her sister including the essence of the industry without leaving any small details such as new experiences gained from the study trips, local and International Competitions, Techniques, and work ethics. The tight family ties have created an inspiration to improve the professional skills. The knowledge was passed on from generation to generation with love and care.


The knowledge of this career has created a guideline and collaboration to establish a company called Bangkok Beauty Academy. The institute is enriched with knowledge of the beauty industry and specific courses such as Manicure, Microblading, Permanent Makeup, Eyelash Extensions, Facial Massage, Waxing, Make-up, Body Tattoo and other courses created by experiences and learning.

At our Institute, we teach our students with love and care as if they are a part of our family so every student here not only learns the techniques and skills required to be a professional but also receives the love and care. Though they are graduated, they still respect and love this institute and every Instructor like they are their relatives. This is the kind of relationship that we have always held on to.

When you step into Bangkok Beauty Academy, every teacher is ready to pass on all the knowledge in the way that “Master Vaniya” has taught her family and is ready to drive every student to the professionalism with pride and confidence. Please believe that...we are ready and determined to hold everyone’s hand on their journey to success and stand by them like they are our family.

For the service part, with experiences in the beauty industry, we care for every step from hygiene, tools, products to improving beauty trend. Master Vaniya and her team have provided services to local and international customers including actors and celebrities in other industries for over 10 years. The tattoo machine used for permanent makeup is the top-spec Intelligent HD machine from Germany. The tool has a sensor system that indicates the status of the needle, stability, and accuracy. The colours are certified by the U.S. FDA and Eu Test.

Proud Awards

  • Award for Outstanding Profession 2015 from SMEs Sang Archeep Awards
  • Life Awards 2014 for Successful Career. Plaque presented by Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali
  • The Best PMU Thailand Forum from Nouveau Contour Thailand
  • The Best Number 1 Academy from Thailand Industry of the Year 2016